Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taper Time...

I've never trained for a 100 mile run before. Naturally, it's a little scary but an exciting new challenge at the same time. My body's telling me now that it's time to back off since I've been pulverizing my legs in Sonoma County parks for weeks now. Am I prepared? Who knows. I was in awe yesterday watching Western States 100mi runners go at it in the heat. I've also been following my buddy Michael Cook battle it out with himself--on his bike--as he closes in on the RAAM (Race Across America) finish line. It's all too much! And yet I must taper down now for 3 weeks. I've got a lot to constructively occupy myself. Amanda and I just moved into our new place, complete with endless projects.

I have a 20pg paper to write as well, which represents the culmination of my principal credential program at Sonoma State U. That was time and $$$ well spent; I learned a great deal of things that have already made me better in a bunch o' different ways.

The trail back to peak fitness has been rocky! Napa Valley Marathon, American River 50mi and Silver State 50/50 all reminded me of the ol' adage, "You reap what you sow." 'Tis true that there are not any shortcuts in this endurance biz and hard work is the only way to get results. These races have really helped maintain some semblance of fitness.

My school year culminated with a trip down to Mickey Land to celebrate my middle school's Distinguished School's Award. I was bummed to miss the final day with my kiddos, but it was a cool experience nonetheless.

Training for Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) 100 began anew at the beginning of June with two big weeks of training over 20 hours, with some cycling and water-running thrown in for good measure. Took advantage of the TRT's race director's training run up in Tahoe just last weekend and got to practice running at altitude on the final 20 miles of the course. This experience will come in handy (footy?) since I'll be running it in the dark and with 80miles in my legs. Do trail runners ever wear helmets?

See Tahoe run @

Point Positive athletes continue to impress me with their dedication to this wonderful pursuit of individual athletic excellence. I'm reminded, in my weekly dealings with these fun folks, that I must keep pushing myself as an athlete because of the opportunities to connect with them on so many levels as their coach. My experiences in one role serves me better in the other. Thus far, we're having a hellava good time this summer! Camping in Tahoe next week for me. I can't afford an altitude tent so we're pitching a tent at altitude. Suddenly, I'm considering the fact that they're aren't any bears here at home...

In closing... a sweet race pic of Point Positive Athlete, Matt Gallo, at Honu Ironman 70.3--Matt's 3rd 70.3 distance triathlon in 2009. "Ultra" impressive Matt ;)

Point Positive!